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Posted on: May 14, 2013

Living in a big city like Berlin, I try to surround myself with nature as often as I can. Although the traffic and the streetlights make the city feel lively, what could be more 'alive' than an own little garden on the balcony? With cars and busses driving by, I plant different herbs like arugula or parsley, accompanied by some colourful flowers. Add some vegetables and you almost can harvest food from your own garden - like this very first radish we raised by only taking a little time each day to take care of it. Here's to many more self-grown ingredients for our kitchen!

This would spice up every kitchen wall. (free printables!)

Oh, going for a walk at this place must be magical...

And I'm already more than excited for this cookbook!

Need some flower recipes?

And last but not least: one of my favorite photo series combining flowers with ice cream.

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  1. I love balcony gardens! Mine only has one aloe vera plant at the moment. Your radish is so cute! We walked the High Line in 2010 and it is as wonderful as you imagine. I am looking forward to seeing the newer sections whenever we next visit NY again.

    1. Isn't it a good feeling when you grow your own food :)? I guess I have to make up a lot of radish recipes in the next few weeks - oh and I wish I had visited the High Line Park - next time :)!

  2. Sometimes you just need a good dose of inspiration, even in the form of a reminder that nudges its head time and time again. You are that inspiration dear. Thanks for this post! I've gardened, farmed, and even make it my 9-5 yet still cannot get myself to do a balcony garden for my OWN home instead of someone else! When we move, will finally finally do it. Well, hopefully ;)
    PS- that Kinfolk editorial was a fave for me this year too.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words - it is always nice to get feedback :)! Oh and where do you plan to move? Best wishes from Berlin!

    2. Oh staying in NY but moving to a different area of the city. Its summer, tired of the suburbs. Ready for some festivals, parks, and art. I like to be close to the energy you know :)
      Thanks and you're welcome! Lovely blog


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