about drinking coffee

Posted on: January 20, 2013

Every morning is better when there is coffee. Coffee brightens you up, even before your lips have touched the mug. Laying still in bed and only thinking about my daily routine puts a smile on my face. First, to cook the coffee on the stove, then to have this smell in your kitchen like the air wants to hug you, to see the little steam coming out of it, like an old locomotive. To just sit down, take your favorite bowl, put carefully the coffee into it while challenging yourself to not let the milk burn like every other morning. 

Then to finally take the first sip and it feels like drinking clouds. Coffee is like a good friend who wishes you a good morning. It makes you ready for the day - no matter what will come. Oh, in the morning, everything is good.

A cup of joe for everyone.

Sneaking into other peoples morning routine.

A delicious recipe for your brownie craving. 

Oh, sunday mornings

Brightens up every table.


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