about having a picnic

Posted on: April 14, 2013

It is time. To enjoy the warm weather, to meet with friends in the park, to walk barefoot, to listen to guitar music, to eat too much food, to drink too many glasses of wine, to celebrate the moment. It is time for a picnic outside. 

This makes a picnic even more cozy. 

A song like a bouquet of fresh spring flowers.
Signs for spring in Berlin.

Inspiring like spring itself. 

Photo above taken here last summer.

4 Notes:

  1. I lovee the one minute wonder site! that's awesome! and i've been wanting to go to big sur forever ): and I live in California. I'm ridiculous. I love all these links. and i kind of really need that bag.

    1. It is all about to be inspired, isn't it :)? Glad you like the links! And I really loved Big Sur - sitting on campfires, seeing dolphins, counting shooting stars,... You should really go on a road trip as soon as you can :)!

  2. Meanwhile I'm thinking about long walks to keep warm and enjoy the cool breezes on my face, with hot chocolate in cafes after! Enjoy your picnics!! (Also, thanks for your recent reading recommendations - I have finished John Steinbeck’s ‘Travels with Charley’ - what a delightful read!)

    1. Wintertime sure has its beautiful things to do - keep cozy :)! And great to hear that you enjoyed the read - I'm planning to make a post on my favorite books! Maybe there is something for you to read on the couch on a cold winter night :).


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